Localizing OkiKaguWiki


OkiKagu Wiki now supports the following languages: Japanese (ja), English (en), Chinese (zh).
If you want to add translations for other languages, please contact the webmaster asking for your language to be added.

How to create a translation page

Change the URL of the original page as follows.

  • from http://okikagu.ml/wiki/localization
  • to http://okikagu.ml/<ISO-code>/wiki/localization
  • e.g. http://okikagu.ml/en/wiki/localization

After the new page is loaded, click on the Create button.

If you want to translate the sidebar to your language, change the URL as follows.

  • from http://okikagu.ml/wiki/navigation
  • to http://okikagu.ml/wiki/navigation_<ISO-code>
  • e.g. http://okikagu.ml/wiki/navigation_en

Translation Guidelines

  • Feel free to create any missing translation.
  • Translated pages need to have the same name as the original page.
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